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I have been using a Commercial Vehicle Stabilizer for 4 years on my truck and I would not drive a truck without it. It has saved me in many situations. I highly recommend it to put on your truck! - Allyn Smothers, AZ.

I just wanted to say we have had our Triple S Built stabilizer on our 2008 Western Star for over 5 years. The savings in steer tires alone pays for itself. Smoother ride in front end when hitting bridge approches. You get the shame in the wheel like before. We swear by it. - Robert & Julie Badker, IA.

I Bought my stabilizer from Mike Benson back in 2012 for my kw. I had off road suspension on it and it was hard to steer. I needed both hands on the wheel at all times since I have had it. I'm back to one hand steering when you are in rutted roads the truck stays true. When in hard side winds you are not pushed all over the road. I run off road a lot and the truck stays true. I average 160,000 on my steer tires, and then about 100,000 on my trailer. For the money you would save on tires and the way the truck handles you would be a fool not to have one on your truck. - Jeff Jensen, UT.

"The closest thing to a miracle for my truck!" - Steve Young, MO.

I purchased a Triple S Built Steering Stabilizer for our 2002 Beaver motorhome. This stabilizer is the real deal. It not only took the work out of driving it also takes the jolt out of a rough road. I would recommend it to any motorhome owner. - Darvin White, UT


My thoughts initially were that I thought my truck was still new enough with just over 230K miles, that the steering was still very tight. No vibration nor jerky motion typical with the rough roads we spend so much time on. I didn’t see a dyer benefit for making the purchase. But as I thought about it and with an “unconditional money back guarantee” I thought I’d give it a shot and purchased the 2-strutt safety steering stabilizer system. It took about 20 minutes to install the system…easy peasy. I must say, I noticed a difference out of the gate. My first load was on a very rough construction site road. I didn’t have to fight my steering wheel, which I would normally have to hold-on tight. I also noticed that rolling down the highway at highway speeds on roads that are being resurfaced, there is a very notable difference. My steering wheel does not jerk against me. I feel a slight tug on the wheel and that’s it! To sum it up, I think the steering stabilizer is a must have investment for safety equipment. In fact I recently went through a Level 1 inspection in California, the system did catch the attention of the DOT Inspector… Needless to say, I am a happy customer! - Percheron Express LLC -TX.

"Handling is the greatest benefit of this product. I feel it has made my truck safer to operate. - Allen O'hanlon, ID.

"Has performed beyond expectations! It's helped with extended tire wear, and a smoother, more stable ride!" - Robert Talbot, FL.

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