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Triple S Built Steering Stablilizers


New Product


Money Back Guarantee


  • Simple design that installs in minutes. 

  • Easily move from truck to truck. 

  • Fits most makes and models on the road. 

  • fits behind steer axle, which protects the stabilizer from road debris. 



Designed and built by a truck driver and a mechanic!


  • Control your truck with greater ease. 

  • Improve Handling in snow, ice, and wind. 

  • Truck is controllable, even if steer tire blows. 

  • Truck holds where YOU want it to be. 

  • Holds the corners. 



1 year warranty


  • Holds your tires straight, increasing tire life. 

  • Takes the fight out of the road. 

  • Reduces fatigue for shoulders and arms. 

  • Extends the life of steering components. 

  • Takes the "Shimmy" out of the wheel. 

Best results when truck is aligned!

bottom stabilizer2JPG.jpg

Where is it mounted? 

It is mounted on the steering axle and on the tie rod tube. 

How long does installation take? 

Installation should take about 15-20 minutes. (Step by step instructions are available.)

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